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MAX LS Deluxe Set
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Price : 120.00$
Store: Lab-Series

who is it for: more how does it work: more how/when to use: more Designed specifically for a man’s skin, MAX LS is the premium anti-aging system from LAB SERIES Skincare for Men. Inspired by Sirtuin technology, it helps maximize skin’s performance with advanced technology that promotes natural cellular repair and delivers both immediate and long-term benefits for younger-looking skin. The MAX LS Deluxe Set includes:5.0 oz./150ml MAX LS Daily Renewing Cleanser1.7 oz./50ml MAX LS Age-Less Face Cream1.0 oz./30ml MAX LS Overnight Renewal Serum. Limited edition. Yours for $120.00. Value of $166.00.

Brand: Lab Series
Retailer: Lab-Series