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Ernest Supplies Men’s Protective Matte Moisturizer 100ml
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ERNEST SUPPLIES PROTECTIVE MATTE MOISTURIZER makes it simple to feed your face today to protect it from tomorrow. This nature-inspired moisturizer keeps your face hydrated without being heavy or greasy. It delivers a powerful, vitamin and anti-oxidant complex to help protect skin from the environment and reduce the appearance of daily wear and tear. Last, but not least, it contains mattefying ingredients to reduce shine and control oil. Key Ingredients and Formula Functionality: Anti-aging, antioxidant complex with ferulic acid, acai, cupuacu & green tea Hydrating benefits of jojoba oil and, super ingredient, sodium hyaluronate Vitamins A, C and E Shine and oil control Designed to be fast absorbing and feel light on the skin 3.4 fl oz/100ml

Retailer: Barneys-New-York